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Yay! Patio Season has arrived!

YAY!! Patio season has arrived. Enjoy and be safe. #forwardtogether

Today's feature sandal is Made In Turkey from the brand Mago. Genuine hand-sewn construction for durable comfort and style.

When you’re picking out your outfit for your wedges, they’re certain outfits they go better with than others.

They go great with:


~Short skirts

~Maxi skirts


~Wrap dresses

~Wide or flared pants or jeans

~Thin fabrics

As you can see wedges are versatile, but you'll want to be aware when wearing:

~Pants with narrow or straight legs


~Pencil skirts

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Options when paring wedge sandals with outfits.

Dresses: If you’re looking to pair your wedges with a dress, it really comes down to your own personal style. Wedges are excellent with dresses, depending on the dress. Think of pairing a pretty floral dress with some nice wedge sandals.

Also, think about pairing it with something opposite. If you opt for a floral dress, select a more edgy wedge for a more chic look. Don’t be afraid to pair wedge sandals with some shorts, they make a great look!

Shorts: You can pair a nice jacket over your top with some shorts and wedge sandals — a fabulous combination of classy and casual.

Jeans: If you go with flared jeans make sure your hem covers most of the wedge for a stunning, streamlined aesthetic. You can pair them with skinny jeans, just don’t go with too tight for the skinny jeans. (Remember, wedges don’t usually pair with ultra-tight clothing!) Boyfriend jeans also pair well with wedges.

Skirts: For skirts, you’ll want to steer clear of too form-fitting such as a pencil skirt, so as to avoid a clunky and unflattering look. Choose flowing and fuller skirts to pair with your wedges. 

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