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Mask Mandatory for Indoor Public Places

Beginning July 7th 2020 wearing a mask or face covering will be required in indoor public spaces. This is an effort to reduce the spread Covid-19 and to protect the most vulnerable. We at Fabia Shoes have made the investment to provide personal protective equipment to customers when phase 1 opened.

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Learn how to wear a mask or face covering safely.


Proper Use of a Mask or Face Covering

  • Do not share your mask with others.

  • Wash your hands before putting on and after taking off a mask.

  • Place the mask over your nose, mouth and chin.

  • Avoid touching your face and mask while using it.

  • Change your mask as soon as it is moist or dirty.

  • Do not leave your mask tucked under the chin, hanging from your ear, or on your forehead.

  • Remove the mask by the ear loops without touching the front of the mask.

  • Put used mask in a plastic bag or directly in the laundry bin to be washed.

  • Launder cloth masks with other items using the hot cycle and dryer.

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